Boardwalk Fries® menu reflects our pride in bringing you unique, wholesome, quick service favorites. Stop by for lunch, dinner, or a snack, and enjoy your Boardwalk favorites.

Boardwalk French Fries®

Nationally known fries cooked in 100% peanut oil to perfection, served crispy, hot and full of taste.


Boardwalk Fries® Hot Dogs

Boardwalk Fries franks and polish hot dogs are grilled fresh then topped with your favorites: cheese, bacon, chili, onions, etc.


Boardwalk Fries® Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers

Our gourmet burgers are open flame broiled and currently being sold at several store locations. The Boardwalk Burger is as close to a backyard taste as you will find.


Boardwalk Fries® Buffalo Chicken Wings

Try our incredible buffalo chicken wings for a real taste treat. Our buffalo wings are available in two sizes with a choice of dips including hot sauce and blue cheese dressing. This item is available alone or as a combo deal served with fries and a drink.

Boardwalk Fries® Subs- Cold Cut

A variety of tasty submarine style (hoagie) sandwiches using only the freshest of ingredients and served on a fresh sub size roll.


Boardwalk Fries® Barbeque

Pork or beef BBQ cooked and served in our special BBQ sauce on a soft Kaiser roll.



Boardwalk Fries® Chicken Sandwiches

Our chicken sandwich is open flame grilled then glazed with our special sauce and served on a mini sub roll.



Boardwalk Fries® Subs- Steak & Cheese Steak

Philly style steak subs with onions & melted cheese. Served on a freshly baked sub size roll.


Boardwalk Fries® Chicken Fingers

Try our tasty, breaded chicken fingers, fried in flavorful peanut oil for a real treat. Chicken finger licking good.



Boardwalk Fries® Fish

Natural white fillets with oriental breading served on a soft roll with cheese or served English style in a paper cup with our famous fries. Also try our other tasty fried fish and shrimp meals, cooked in 100% peanut oil for extra flavor.



Boardwalk Fries® Crab Cakes

A Maryland tradition. Try our famous crab cakes, seasoned to perfection, fried to a golden brown. Try sprinkling on a little Old Bay seafood seasoning, found on our spice display for a real Maryland Crab Cake flavor.



Boardwalk Fries® Potato Skins

The absolute best you have ever eaten! Baked fresh, then prepared when you order them with cheese and bacon bits or loaded with cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, and chives.



Boardwalk Fries® Salads

Variety of fresh ingredients and super tasty dressings as a meal or side dish.



Boardwalk Fries® Pretzels

Pretzels deliciously baked to a perfect golden brown. Try a mustard topping for extra zest.


Boardwalk Fries® Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno peppers, breaded and fried to perfection. Also, try our peppers stuffed with cheese.



Boardwalk Fries® Fried Veggies

Our own delicious recipe. An assortment of fresh cut vegetable fried golden brown and cholesterol free.



Boardwalk Fries® Mozzarella Sticks

Breaded, served piping hot, soft, and chewy. Try dipping them in your favorite sauces.



Boardwalk Fries® Baked Potatoes

Baked stuffer potatoes.  Fresh, whole potatoes baked on the premises then topped with your choice of favorites, butter or margarine, sour ream and chives, cheese, chili and cheese, or our best seller, fresh broccoli and cheese.



Boardwalk Fries® Funnel Cakes

Sweet and delicious! Made to order and topped with fluffy confectioners sugar, these tasty treats are great as a snack, or a breakfast item. They hit the spot with a fresh cup of coffee in the morning.



Boardwalk Fries® Gourmet Cookies

Freshly baked variety of gourmet cookies using only the freshest of ingredients for that home baked flavor.



Breakfast Muffins and Pastries

Boardwalk Fries® offers a full line of breakfast muffins including banana nut, honey bran and blueberry, and a variety of fruit and cream filled pastries. These baked goods are baked daily. Enjoy some with a cup of our fresh brewed coffee.



Ice Cream

Flavorful variety of creamy ice creams, as well as soft ice cream and frozen yogurt.



Boardwalk Fries® Freeze

The Boardwalk freeze is a frozen carbonated beverage similar to a Slurpee or Icee. The syrup is a Coca-Cola product which comes in many flavors. These are very popular items, both with adults and children. Soft frozen lemonade. All natural: lemons, sugar and water, soft frozen. Eat it with a spoon or slurp it through a straw. Delicious!



Boardwalk Fries® Smoothies

Delicious fruit flavored ice cold, slushy texture, with a smooth, creamy taste.




Assorted sodas are also offered in addition to iced tea and fresh brewed coffee. Our beverage program is supported by our famous refill program and our plastic reusable mugs.


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